About Me

These are my only credentials for writing on these subjects except for a lifetime of experiences:

I have three children who are successful thanks to God's mercy, and eleven grandchildren. One grandson served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is now home and serves his community as a Deputy Sheriff. Another grandson served in the Air Force in Afghanistan and is now stationed in the U.S. In addition to their service, my husband served in the infantry in the Korean War,

Believe me, I have found out the power of prayer!!

I now have six great-grandchildren.  I enjoy visiting
them all when I can.

I must add my brother flew a navy plane in WWII, and  my father served on the USS Antigone (Antig-o-knee), a supply ship, as Fireman 1st class in WWI.


Through the years I have found myself reborn with a great hope which I have heard defined as a confident expectation of good. I believe that to be true. I have attended a church which I have always considered to be the voice of the truth, including salvation by grace that the preachers of other more worldly churces are just now beginning to include in  their preaching according to today's great media empires of television.


As a result of bible study and a great desire that others should believe the truth of its beautiful words and the supreme power of its author, I have written and published

The Image of God, a Bible Study of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage,

               A Great Silence in the Land, defense of the Scriptures as they answer many problems of this day, and

              Through Comfort of the Scriptures,  describing the way in which God's Word gives us hope in the time of trouble.

 Problems, perserverance, and prayer were our lot, but my large
family and I can say,

"Thus far has the Lord brought us," and we are okay.



Concerning another book I wrote:  I lived in El Paso, Texas for a number of years after my husband passed away. I taught sixth grade science; then worked at the University of Texas at El Paso before I retired. After I retired I thought about the ability of children, especially those who had been read to at home, to bring to Kindergarten the vocabulary of at least two languages as well a the vernacular of a parent from their jobs or professions.  Sadly, these children lost much of this ability by third grade when they were supposed to be able to read fluently in English by then. My musings brought forth a little booklet which concentrated on basic physical science vocabulary with pictures for an interaction with a teacher:


It's a Science Thing - a fun look at matter, energy, and gravity under the name Kelsay Swain, for ages K-2.

See more about it in "My Favorite Things"


Thanks for spending time with me on this page of my life,

K.W. Swain (Kelsay Swain)