What's wrong with telling people they are wrong when they say

  • that they can go to Heaven in unbelief-John 3:18 (search believeth not by clicking the link below for all references to this). You must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the begotten Son of God for He is the  Door to Heaven, and His Name is the password.
  • that the sins of Sodom can venerate a same-sex union-Mark 10:11; Lev. 20:13; Rom.Ch.1. God says such acts are abomination. That judgment is brought into the church age as well by Jesus who ordained his apostles to preach on the matter.
  • that self-murder (suicide) is not a sin- when we can only be saved by hope and faith in God- Rom. 8:24. Suicide is the absence of all hope in God to ease our physical pain, heal illness and depression, or comfort our fears. God will be trusted-Mat. 12:31.
  • that there is no hell.  This current generation, their parents, and grandparents have grown up in unbelief  or in churches where the preacher refused to warn of eternal darkness and pain (look up the scriptures describing it). Some "hell and damnation" preaching today could cut the suicide rate in half, I'll wager.


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