The Image of God A Bible Study of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

"Written with conviction, The Image of God provides a solid Christian foundation for all who believe in the sanctity of marriage. This book is Swain's response to the "bizarre happenings in the world today." from Authorhouse News Release.


My purpose in writing this took a different direction from that I had intended: not so much to "prove" something, but rather to remind the people of God that His militant church*  is to show forth to the world the image of God in the person of His Son Jesus Christ in all her constituted rules of order.


*militant church (my definition) - those congregations dwelling on this earth at any point in time, no matter the names, who stubbornly refuse to follow any other Shepherd, who aggressively, but peaceably search out the old paths.

Now, the struggle, no longer confined to the church, extends to the world at large. A sad debate is being waged today over the meaning of marriage in our society, while society has lost sight of what marriage means to its Creator.


Marriage is not owned by any one religion. It is 

  • civil for legitimacy, inheritance, and genealogy (Titus 3:1)
  • social for community acknowledgment and celebration (John 2:1-11)
  • Spiritual by the Holy Spirit’s blessing joining two into one flesh (Eph.5:31),

 Marriage is the proof all people desire of the existence of God, because it has been a ritual of all societies from the earliest native tribes who knew nothing of each other or of two becoming one flesh, but who recognized and agreed to the commitment of one man to one woman.


Today, two thirds of the three great religions deny Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God, but by Holy Matrimony, unwittingly agree to the commemoration of Adam’s Rib and the second Adam’s Bride. The subject of Holy Matrimony is explored further in “The Image of God”.


Same-sex unions cannot be blessed by the Holy Spirit who holds such as abominable under the old law (Lev.18:22), and no less unacceptable under the grace dispensation today (Rom.1:21-32). This subject is explained further in “A Great Silence in the Land.”


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