Some of My Favorite Things

A REVIEW  True Meaning of Matrimony -- New Book Examines Divorce and Remarriage in Biblical Terms -- Click on the following link for a Review of The Image of God.


REVIEW  A Great Silence in the Land – This review is a fair account of its author’s agreement with some of my beliefs, as well as disagreement with my interpretations of prophecy. I reread the book to see if I should make changes and reprint, but no, I remain convinced, that what I have written, I have written.


        IT'S A SCIENCE THING by Kelsay Swain, non fiction author

Recent international tests show our graduating senior students in a poor light concerning science and math proficiency, and as usual, our teachers are told to do something about it! Where to begin?
My answer: Why not Kindergarten?

Young students bring to school a vast vocabulary, sometimes in two, even three languages. I would like to see teachers invoke that power of language that begins at home and continue it at school through  supplementary reading materials that are interesting and fun.

        My book, It's a Science Thing—a fun look at matter, energy, and gravity, is focused on basic physical  science vocabulary; hence, my dedication to all classrooms where 'words are paramount.' It is designed to be, with class sets, closely interactive between the teacher and student. Suggested activities in the back of the book provide simple objectives and quick and easy lesson plans for the teacher's convenience.

Click the following link to learn more about the book and the author.